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“At Southern Ag Management we will walk you through the process of investing in farmland.”

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How To Buy Farmland In Australia

At Southern Ag Management we will walk you through the process of buying your farming property. 

We specialize in helping people to realize their farm purchase ambitions through a thorough due diligence process and helping you to find the right piece of agriculture land for sale in Australia to suit your needs. We can help you through the maze of finding the right property for your requirements, making sure that the property you buy can achieve the returns you require from the industry you would like to work in.
agricultural asset management

Agricultural Asset Management

At Southern Ag Management we have the experience to help clients set up their agricultural investment. We have boots on the ground experience in running agricultural properties and often invest in properties ourselves. As consultants we have worked with high achieving farmers to set up best practice sustainable and profitable farming systems, let us help you achieve these results with your farming investment.
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Agricultural Consultancy

Southern Ag Management has expertise in helping from beginners to experienced growers in all aspects of farm business, crop and livestock management. With experience across low to high rainfall and irrigation environments we can help growers formulate a plan to help drive their business. Talk to our experienced consultant today about how we can help you get the results you are looking for.

Southern Ag Management – Now Helping;

1. Investors buy farms and agricultural assets 2. Agricultural Consultancy in agronomy and farm business management 3. Asset Management for profitability and sustainability

Who is Southern Ag Management?

Southern Ag Management is an agricultural investment consultancy firm specialising in helping investors make profitable and sustainable agricultural investments. We understand how sustainability intersects with innovation to help drive the triple bottom line of increased soil health, reduced environmental impacts and improved financial returns. Our first step is to understand our clients and the goals they would like to achieve from their investment. Part of our obligation to each client is to educate them on the practicality of investing into agriculture, the potential returns that are achievable and the best areas to target for investment. We work on a value investment strategy whereby we look for undervalued opportunities that have the ability to outperform the market. We aren’t interested in investing in land for the sake of it, and we have real boots on the ground understanding of how properties work and what can be done to improve the outcomes of different properties. We use our knowledge of emerging technology and the potential efficiency gains that are coming to the production systems to help unearth trends that could potentially drive increased returns for investors over the short to medium term. With a strong emphasis on increasing soil health as the foundation for improving the farming system. We specialise in farming systems that are the most efficient users of fertilisers and chemicals, reducing inputs whilst maintaining returns and reducing our impact on the environment.

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