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At southern Ag Management we always have agriculture investment opportunities for investors to consider. We specialise in bringing together opportunities for agriculture private equity funds, high net worth individuals and family offices to invest in either on their own or in specilised investment trust set up for each individual situation. To discuss opportunities we have on the table

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Farmland Remediation Opportunity

We are always looking at opportinities to remediate ex forestry blocks for investors, if you are interested in the returns from this kind of investment please contact us here

Irrigated Farmland Opportunity

Large reliable water allocation opportunity situated within reasonable distance to metropolitan markets. Opportunity to grow high value crops and increase capital value of land. For more information call Tim on 0447048861 or email us here

Buy and Lease Out Opportunioty

We have acces to a great value play into the agriculture sector for investors with limited understanding of the space. We have identified undervalued land and have access to a teir 1 regenerative farmer to run the properties on a leaseback model. This allows the investor acces to the capital appreciation of agricultural assets without exposure to operations and climate. We use an agriculture private equity fund to run the properties, and can combine funds from multiple investors or set up a special purpose vehicle for individual investors if they require. Please contact us for specific details