Farm Business Coaching Program

FARM BUSINESS coaching program

Are you:

  • Looking to grow your farm business but don’t know how
  • Want to a business that serves you, instead of you serving the business
  • Need someone to help you challenge your thinking and practices.
  • Want clear direction in your business
  • Looking for personal tailored farm business advice
  • Would you like to generate more profit, create more wealth.
  • Want someone to keep business partners accountable

We can help you

  • Learn how to create a comprehensive business plan to help achieve your families goals
  • Challenge your thinking and practices.
  • Set, share and strive to achieve clear Business and Personal Goals.
  • Reduce management isolation, and harness the power of many minds.
  • Learn from and help others – most of your challenges have already been solved by someone else.
  • Take control of your business planning, budgeting and financial management.
  • Access to our panel of specialist consultants and facilitators.
  • Generate more profit, create more wealth.
  • Use the unique P2P Agri software to enhance business decision making

About Us

  • We have over 10 years of farm business management experience
  • Have run farm businesses and managed farm businesses for investment clients
  • Have production agronomy experience to help bridge the business management to production advice divide
  • Worked with clients all over Southern and Eastern Australia
  • Worked with and run end to end production to plate businesses

Meeting Structure 

  • Review Vision, Goals, Objectives.
  • Strategic Plan – (Now, Where,
    How) is the strategy still
    appropriate to deliver on goals
  • End of year review – what worked
    well last year, what needs
    improving, how will the annual
    operational plan address this?
  • Deliver annual production plan.
  • Deliver annual Cash Flow budget.
  • Other issues for discussion.
  • Review cash flow budget to actual.
  • Review operating plan – how is
    the season developing, how
    are we planning to respond?
  • Are we maintaining alignment with our goals, strategy and addressing areas for improvement identified in bench marking?
  • Marketing strategy.
  • Tax management strategies.
  • Other issues.
  • Review budget to actual cash
    flow – are we reacting to short falls, identifying opportunities?.
  • Grain marketing – what is strategy, develop implementation schedule.
  • Harvest planning and preparation.
  • Harvest potential and decision
  • Other issues.

Involvement in the farm business coaching network will require and includes:

  • Your commitment to developing and implementing a Farm Business Plan.
  • Cost of this service is $450/ month + GST payable monthly, or $4500 per year paid in advance