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Why we do what we do

We love to challenge ourselves and the farming system, we accept that the status quo is not the way forward but also throwing out hard based scientific research is not the way to profitable sustainable farming systems either, we walk the line between what is the current best practice and the implementation of new technologies that are backed up with scientific data to help improve the farming system, decrease costs and improve the soil asset for future generations.

We believe that modern agriculture has the ability to feed the planet and reduce our footprint through the implementation of sustainable farming techniques and new technologies.


Key People

Tim Pilkington BSci Agronomy Charles Stuart University

Tim is an expert in sustainable broad acre agricultural production systems. He has experience across a broad range of rainfall zones and geographic production regions from South Australia to Victoria and Southern New South Wales. With a keen interest in the practical implementation of new technologies into a farming systems. Tim also has experience in agricultural business analysis and the implementation of farm boards to help bring together stake holders in agricultural businesses to set common goals and business direction.




Integrity – we act with integrity at all times.

Education – we educate our clients on the process of ag investment so they understand the intricacies and nuances that are specific to this industry. We help them to understand the science behind good land management.

Sustainability – we look to improve agricultural assets so we leave them in better condition than we find them, allowing the next generation of farmers to have a higher platform from which to grow the food requirements of the world in the future.

Respect – we act with respect for our clients, the community and the land of which we are guardians.

Consistency – we work consistently to provide high quality outcomes for our clients.